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iDisciple Publishing is the publishing division of Giving Company, leveraging its position in the marketplace as a leader in content, data, and technology to help others connect and grow in their relationship with God. Through its relationship with world-class authors, iDisciple Publishing provides a suite of compelling resources such as devotionals, Bibles, study guides, and non-fiction works.

We believe that we offer our users life-changing content that inspires them and encourages growth in their spiritual walk. Subsequently, we are able to financially give to charitable partners making a life-changing impact in the lives of many all over the world.  Giving Company has partnered with Crisis Aid International to support their mission of “helping the helpless” through disaster relief from famine, disease, natural disaster, and sex trafficking. A portion of every iDisciple Publishing book sold is donated to Crisis Aid International. 

Our most recent Form 990 can be assessed here.

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