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Dot Bowen

As a graduate of Bible Training for Christian Leaders, Doris has been ministering to women for over 20 years. Most commonly referred to as “Dot,” she lives in Roswell, Georgia with her husband, Howard. They have three grown children and eight grandchildren.


The Race Marked Out for Us

Is it wise to enter a race with no training, nourishment or hydration? Though the answer seems simple, it may surprise you how often many of us do this very thing, every day.

Join Dot Bowen as she shares how God used a half marathon to lovingly reveal hard truths and give her fresh insight into her spiritual journey. In The Race Marked Out for Us, you’ll uncover powerful truths about your own spiritual race and emerge feeling equipped to run your own race with endurance.

The Race Marked Out for Us Study Guide

This study guide can be used in conjunction with her book and teaching course, The Race Marked Out for Us. These life-changing principles will transform the way you view your relationship with God, reignite your love for His Word, and give you useful applications for your own spiritual journey.