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Katie Kenny Phillips

Katie Kenny Phillips lives in Atlanta with her husband, five kids, and their ridiculous dogs, Norm and Coco.


Katie Kenny Phillips


God, you make me feel SPECIAL

Presenting colorful pictures and fun prose, God, You Make Me Feel Special is a wonderful way to connect a child to the greatest source of love: their Heavenly Father.

God, you make me feel LOVED

God, You Make Me Feel Loved is the second in the “God, You Make Me Feel”; series of sweet conversations between children and God.

God, you make me feel SAFE

God, You Make Me Feel Safe is the third book in the “God, You Make Me Feel” series. In candid, grateful expressions of how God makes them feel, children hear whispers from Scripture confirming His abundant love for them.

Jesus Loves Everybody

Just imagine what our world would look like if we loved everyone just like Jesus! Did you know the Bible is filled with all sorts of people: from stinky fishermen to little children to people who looked the same and people who didn’t? There were people who made good choices and bad ones, were happy or sad, and everything in between. Yet, Jesus was sent to love them all!

Let’s Find Joy!

Based on best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn’s devotional “Find Joy: A Devotional Journey To Unshakable Wonder in an Uncertain World”, this beautiful children’s book gives kids the opportunity to go on an adventure for the treasure that only Jesus can give us—JOY!